Approach - Willoughby Construction

Family values built in.



is an active engagement.

Our approach is active engagement. We listen and understand your desires for function and aesthetic. We then present you all the options for methods, materials and finishes to deliver your project in keeping with your intent for the project outcome. We make good decisions. Together.

The finish materials and construction techniques we utilize are at once timeless and at the leading edge of the industry. We adhere to tradition, but we are also progressive. Unconcerned with, “because that’s how it’s always been done,” we focus on how it can be done better.

Your project has a purpose. We design and build to fulfill that purpose.

Ours is a team approach. Willoughby Construction’s preferred subcontractors are selected and retained on the basis of their efficient processes and successful track record with similar projects and scope. Every team member is an extension of Willoughby Construction. You can expect, as we demand, the optimal level of artisan craftsmanship and process efficiency.

Our approach is accountable. It, all of it, is our responsibility. Willoughby Construction remains your single point of contact throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Willoughby Construction is a family business built on family values. This is our ethos. We are a luxury residential builder, a specialist in historic restoration, new construction, luxury condominium, renovations and additions.

Our approach is the real luxury.